It is confused with asana because of the limited perception. Yoga is a system of living with sense and science, of the realization of ultimate values and altruistic missions of life.

  • Yoga evolves a harmonious order in mind, matter and man.
  • Yoga is an absolute departure from basic animal tendencies.
  • Yoga is a state of aloofness form the artificialities of life & relation.
  • Yoga is the heritage of past and culture of tomorrow.


KARMA is a holistic health organisation of highly trained doctors,therapists and mental trainers which endorses physical,mental and intellectual health.
It is focused on the subtle aspect of the existence i.e. Mind - The essence of evolution of this world,as the outer world is the projection of our inner world.
We perceive what we are,our own insight decides the outlook of the world outside.


Any definition of the mind is bound to be very limited and arbitrary. Modern psychology roughly divides the mind into three parts: conscious, subconscious and unconscious. It is very easy to regard these definitions as fixed quantities or specific areas of the mind. Furthermore one is inclined to gain the impression that the subconscious (below consciousness) and unconscious (beyond consciousness) regions of the mind and strictly and permanently inaccessible to conscious perception.

This is a common belief but totally wrong. All regions of the mind that is so called unconscious mind is only unconscious because of severe limitations in the freedom and scope of our awareness. Similarly the subconscious mind is only below our conscious perception due to lack of awareness.

If we develop our awareness, then the unconscious mind and the subconscious mind would no longer be unreachable and unperceivable. This is the case with someone who is self-realized or enlightened

One should be careful not to assume that any scientific, religious or philosophical division of the mind has any relationship with the truth. It is merely and arbitrary division and classification.


You should remember while reading the topic that is only words, no matter how cleverly woven and constructed can never convey the meaning of meditation.

It is an experience that you must know for yourself. If one tries to understand the meaning through words and concepts then one will miss its essence and merely be lost in a whirlpool of verbal ideas one will delude himself.


Meditational techniques allow one to dive into the inner depths of the mind. The more one cleans out the personal lower mind, the happier one will become in interaction with the outside world during day to day life one will harmonize with external activities instead of fighting with them, one will be peaceful instead of being continuously tensed.

The deeper one delves into inner realms the more one sees the reality in the outside world.

One will realize that there is actually no difference between the outer and inner realms of existence, the difference only appears to be because of logical thinking and the lack of understanding of our real nature.

The difference only appears to be because of logical thinking and the lack of our real nature. It was Christ who said when the outside become the inside, then the knowledge of heaven has come. Knowledge of the inside leads to the knowledge of the outside. Higher awareness of the world inside the mind leads to the higher awareness of the world outside of you.