One of the top rated Parapsychologist,Seasoned Health Educator,A positive life philosopher,Researcher of deeper realms of mind and conscience who has garnered experience in the field of psychology,physiology and philosophy. Currently based in Gurgaon super heading KARMA.
Well read and travelled across the globe and Indian subcontinent extensively and ceaselessly meeting eminent scholars for the deeper understanding of mind,matter and life.Her knowledge of body,mind and insight towards life is appreciated by many spiritual gurus,Achievers of the contemporary age. she has been offered senior designations in the hierarchy of well established organisations but she chose her passion over the rest.
"we belong to a land of super minds and super powers like yoga and Ayurveda which can stimulate the dormant functional areas of the brain. It was a life changing experience at Rikhiapeeth ,till then Yoga never even existed for me. It's impossible to change the basic instincts intellectually through counselling but yoga can actually transform the hard core personality of a human. If psychology is the science of the mind,Yoga is the SUPER SCIENCE! "



Transform your mind, Transform your life

KARMA has worked with the leading companies namely Maruti,Singhal group,Omrc and served lifestyle consultancy to renowned Corporate honchos, ambassadors, mayors, commanders, pilots, professors and more over the years.
An integrated approach facilitates physical,mental,emotional,intellectual and spiritual growth through qualitative psychological,physical and ancient yogic techniques.